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Residential Real Estate

Laing Real Estate Group acts as an Agent between Home Buyers and Home Sellers

Commercial Real Estate

See our Commercial Listings.

Before and After the Sale.

Our Specialized team will come in and assess your property and get it ready for the sale. After the sale is completed we will also maintain contact at least every six months to see how you are settling in and to offer additional advice. If needed we will recommend different proven vendors or services as well.

Price Rationale

Pricing for Real Estate Commissions is highly standard in the industry. The standard Real Estate Commission for Residential Real Estate is 6% of the selling price with 3% going to the Buyer's Agent and 3% to the Selling Agent.  Commercial Real Estate is 10% of the selling price with 5% going to the Buyer's Agent and 5% going to the Selling Agent.

Pricing is set by the Seller's Agent and the Seller for each property and the commission is paid by the Seller from the receipts from the sale of the property.

Other informational services offered by Laing Real Estate Group are free of charge and offered with the purpose of building a long term relationship as your Real Estate Expert.

Our Service to You

Laing Real Estate Group will hold an informational session once a month. Sessions with be hosted by a relevant expert in the field of that particular discussion. These sessions will be in the interest of educating first-time home buyers and those persons planning to become a home buyer eventually. The goal is for you to come and be educated as well as get your questions answered.

All sessions will be held at our office located in Hardeeville SC. Our address is 705 East Main Street Unit 101, Hardeeville SC, 29927.

Questions? Just Ask!

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